Driving Away the Spirit of Sexism

“Driving Away the Spirit of Sexism”

photo (c) on the poster by Olga Bubich

Premier – 11 March 2016, National Center of the Contemporary Arts, Minsk

About the performance

The performance is dedicated to the driving away of the spirit of sexism from the Belarusian Literature.

Video: schoolbooks on Belarusian literature and pictures of male authors at readings and meetings from the archives and as of today.


The opening text “Oh, Great Goddess of the Belarusian Literature, accept our sacrifice, this box symbolizing the spirit of sexism, let it go, so that we all live in harmony”.
The music and the video start.
Near the table of the floor there are three red napkins on each of which there is a hill of earth, a hill of flour and a hill of leaves + candles.
Volha puts the box in the center of the table, takes a handful of flour and draws a circle around the box with it. She reads poem #1.
After it she folds a piece of paper and puts it in a box (and so she does with each poem she reads).
Then she takes a handful of earth draws a circle around the box with it. Reads poem #2.
She puts candles in a circle, lights them, reads poem #3.
Puts leaves around the circle, reads poem #4. Puts flour in the box, reads poems #5, puts earth in the box, reads poem #6. Puts leaves in the box, reads poems #7.
Pour wax from the candle on the box, reads the last poem, closes the box and nails a poem onto the lid of the box with four nails but not to the end. Then she wraps the nails around the perimeter and crosswise with a thread.
The end.