Asynchronous Swimming

“Asynchronous Swimming”

poems and idea of the performance by Volha Hapeyeva
music and video by DJ Buben
Premier – 22 May 2015, Minsk, Gallery

About the performance

Often creative work requires a person to be multi-functional, which often leads to problems with identity, when it is difficult to understand who you are. Poetry and linguistics work with the language, but does one allow the other to exist untroubled? Is the asynchrony of actions, thoughts, dreams, understanding of oneself and surroundings a source of creativity or internal discord? These questions are raised in the performance “Asynchronous Swimming”.


Darkness. Music starts (1-2minutes).
Volha goes on stage, sits at the table and starts to search for and sort through books on linguistics and philosophy of the language.
She puts on her glasses and reads aloud an extract from a book until the music stops and the ticking of metronome starts.
She takes off his glasses and jacket, and rushes to the aquarium with water, put on goggles and begins to search among the papers for a poem.
At this time in parallel poem #1 is played together with the music and the sound of metronome. She finds the poem and puts it into the aquarium. The poem ends, the sound of the metronome also, the music stays.
Volha returns to the table and starts to look through books again, reads one piece from the book aloud, then all the action repeats as before 4 times (for 5 poems).
After that, Volha takes the poems from the water, rolls them into balls rewinding with a thread and puts them in small cardboard black boxes (6 items), on which she writes in Belarusian and in English the word “poetry”. One letter for one box. One letter under the other.
Then she distributes them to the audience.
The end.