Residency in AIR-NÖ, Krems an der Donau (Austria)

In January and Februarz 2021 Volha is the resident of the program AIR-Artist in Residence Lower Austria, curated by Literature House of Lower Austria.

Link to the web-page of AIR residency

Link to the Literature House of Lower Austria

Some fragmented impressions:

“My nose catches a slight aroma of perfume. Somebody’s perfume, not mine. So weird. Then comes the smell of food from the closed restaurants, which still work for take-away. I feel myself like a prisoner or a patient of the hospital who was released a day ago. I take my notes out of my rucksack but I cannot write, I am drunk with these smells, this Sun, this life. How long haven’t I been out?”

“I sit in the yard of the Danube University and see a group of students in laboratory coats. They smoke and laugh. In front of me there is a bush with red berries covered in white. Frosty snow? I approach them and see that it is tiny flowers. In the middle of January.”

“Finally I get the courage and take a bike ride to the bridge. Krems is so nice to me that it gives me a glimpse of spring, so that I could see it now, because I will be out at the end of February.”


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