Conference in Tutzing (Germany)

Volha took part in the conference “Censored & Pursued:Culture under Pressure” on 6-8 September, 2019 at the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing.

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                                                     George Orwell
In some countries of Central and Eastern Europe, authoritarian tendencies have emerged over the last ten years, blatantly using well-known mechanisms of oppression and discrimination. Even writers and artists turn into targets of the power elites and are increasingly exposed to censorship and blackmail. Works of art are banned from public space and artists from public discourse. Despite democratic systems, defamation
and persecution are not uncommon.
The Russian theater director Kirill Serebrennikov and the Ukrainian
film director Oleg Sentsov are de facto political prisoners and at the
mercy of an arbitrary system. In Hungary in 2017, Árpád Schilling and
Márton Gulyás, both from the theater, were declared enemies of the state
and in Poland the leaders of several cultural institutions had to resign.
In Austria and Germany, cultural actors of all kinds have joined the Die
Vielen [The Many] movement, which advocates freedom of expression
and art across borders.
The conference „Censored & Pursued: Culture under Pressure“ aims to
examine the situation of critical artists and intellectuals in Central and
Eastern Europe: How do they act in the face of changing political conditions? What challenges do they face? What strategies and instruments are available to them in the digitalized and globalized world that enable
alternative, cross-border cultural and aesthetic practices?

In the international and intergenerational discourse we also ask how
the experiences of nonconformist movements and subcultures of the
underground from the Soviet and socialist times are indicative of
current events. In addition to civil rights movements, the underground
also challenged the political system during the Cold War. What can be
learned from this and what possibilities are there today for artists and
cultural actors to be active artistically, politically and aesthetically despite
censorship, exile and persecution?
We cordially invite you to join us at the Protestant Academy of Tutzing!
Judith Stumptner
Protestant Academy of Tutzing (Evangelische Akademie Tutzing)
Kateryna Stetsevych
Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische
Bildung) e.V.


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