Residency at the Château de Lavigny (Switzerland)

From June 25 to July 22, 2019 Volha Hapeyeva was at the Residency in the Château de Lavigny (Switzerland).

The Château de Lavigny is a historic house built in 1770 situated in a small village between Geneva and Lausanne, overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps. The Château de Lavigny International Writers’ Residence was founded by the late Jane Rowohlt in memory of her husband, the German publisher, Heinrich Maria Ledig-Rowohlt. Her wish was to bequeath their home, the Château de Lavigny, for a writers’ residence offering and fostering “a spirit of international community and creativity.”

The public reading took place on 14th July, togehter with T.D. Mitchell and Micha Vinaille.

To watch video from the reading (Volha’s part is 2:17 – 9:55)



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