Publication in MPT

PUBLISHED IN THE issue ILLUMINATED PATHS, 2019 NUMBER 2 to read the poem on the web-page of the MPT NOTE on this poem by Kim Moore I met Volha at the 2017 Struga Poetry Festival in Macedonia and we have been slowly working together to translate her poetry into English ever since – this process […]

Release of the Book “Black Poppies”

In March 2019 a new book of poetry, called “Чорныя макі” (“Black Poppies”) by Volha Hapeyeva was published in Halijafy Publishing House. Several events were held in connection with the publication.                       To watch an extract from the talk about Volha’s poetry. part 1 / part 2 To watch […]


This year (2017) Volha Hapeyeva’s poems appeared in three different American literary magazines. It became possible due to the collaboration with the American poet Forrest Gander who acted as Volha’s co-translator. KROnline KROnline published in its Sept/Oct 2017 issue two poems by Volha Hapeyeva “hard to be a road” and “like a foot in a […]


This autumn poems by Volha Hapeyeva were translated into Spanish and published in the literary magazine of  (Gonduras) and on the cultural portal Vallejo & Co. Special thanks to the translators: Frances Simán and Vasil Piesien’ka. Link to web-page.