a poem: compulsory happiness

they handed out compulsory happiness yesterday on some unknown Strasse. someone ran up to me saying you have such irregular eyes, please, take a bit for yourself. I brought it home and hid it in the cupboard without reading the instructions. and then it turned out I had to live with it.                               Translated […]


This year (2017) Volha Hapeyeva’s poems appeared in three different American literary magazines. It became possible due to the collaboration with the American poet Forrest Gander who acted as Volha’s co-translator. KROnline KROnline published in its Sept/Oct 2017 issue two poems by Volha Hapeyeva “hard to be a road” and “like a foot in a […]


This autumn poems by Volha Hapeyeva were translated into Spanish and published in the literary magazine of  (Gonduras) and on the cultural portal Vallejo & Co. Special thanks to the translators: Frances Simán and Vasil Piesien’ka. Link to web-page.

a poem: “in a shoe not yet broken-in”

like a foot in a shoe not yet broken-in my heart clenches and if it’s not about size then what? wine, coffee, beer, maybe tea such a sononymy, daughternomy and childnessness and infants out of wedlock —they’re not mine I can’t move (so apt that “m” and “l” are neighbors on the keyboard— much closer […]