Interview for the newspaper (Graz)

link to the web-page of the newspaper Graz ist ab sofort ihre Inspirationsquelle: Interview mit der neuen Stadtschreiberin Volha Hapeyeva. Seit September hat das Cerrini-Schlössl am Grazer Schloßberg wieder eine neue Hausherrin, ist mit Volha Hapeyeva doch die neue Stadtschreiberin eingezogen. Was die belarussische Schriftstellerin im Rahmen ihres Literaturstipendiums vorhat, wie sie die Liebe zum […]

Release of the Book “Black Poppies”

In March 2019 a new book of poetry, called “Чорныя макі” (“Black Poppies”) by Volha Hapeyeva was published in Halijafy Publishing House. Several events were held in connection with the publication.                       To watch an extract from the talk about Volha’s poetry. part 1 / part 2 To watch […]


Volha Hapeyeva took part in the program, organized by the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing dedicated to the topic “Heroes of our time”. She, along with 6 other writers from Ukraine, Russia and Germany, visited Kiev in October to later create a text about contemporary heroes and present them in Tutzing in December. Volha’s poem touches upon the […]