Literary Festival “Znak Roŭnasci”

On 17–19 Nov. 2017 Volha Hapeyeva took part in the Literary Festival “Znak Roŭnasci” as the poet and the moderator of the round-table discussion. The discussion was dedicated to the topic of gender identity in literature. Volha Hapeyeva suggested the participants the topic “Who dances through the minefield and lives in pink ghetto?” The guests […]


  23-28 August 2017 Volha Hapeyeva took part in the 56th International Poetry Festival “Струшки вечери на поезијата”. Struga Poetry Evenings (SPE) (Macedonian: Струшки вечери на поезијата, СВП; tr. Struški večeri na poezijata, SVP) is an international poetry festival held annually in Struga, Republic of Macedonia. The festival began in 1961 in Struga. During its […]


Volha Hapeyeva took part in the program, organized by the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing dedicated to the topic “Heroes of our time”. She, along with 6 other writers from Ukraine, Russia and Germany, visited Kiev in October to later create a text about contemporary heroes and present them in Tutzing in December. Volha’s poem touches upon the […]

Belarusian-German Women’s Festival ‘raCAMAha’

On 15 June 2017 Volha Hapeyeva had her reading at the Belarusian-German Women’s Festival ‘raCAMAha’  held in Baranavičy (Belarus). She presented her poetry, prose for adults as well as the stories for children. Also Volha told the audience about her collaboration with artists and musicians.             WATCH Volha Hapeyeva is reading the story “Buckwheat, or […]