Gaziantep Festival

Volha Hapeyeva took part in the the Gaziantep International Poetry Festival: A Mosaic of Metaphors which took place in Gaziantep (Turkey) on 02/11 – 04/11/2018.

The theme of ‘A Mosaic of Metaphors’ takes its natural inspiration from the city’s ancient history as a richly diverse setting for human interaction, one which continues to this day as Gaziantep meets refugees with open arms, further adding to its opulent mosaic heritage.

The festival’s opening aptly takes place in the garden of the world-renowned Zeugma Museum with poets Alí Calderón Farfán (Mexico), A.C. Hello (France), Bas Kwakman (Holland), Hanna Rajs Lara (Sweden), Matthias Göritz (Germany), Mel Kenne (U.S.A.), and Volha Hapeyeva (Belarus) as they read their poems alongside Turkish poets Şükrü Erbaş, Salih Bolat, Kadir Aydemir and Nilay Özer.

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